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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 20, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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occupy protesters storm a vacant hotel on van nuys avenue in san francisco. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian.
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protesters had the building for two hours, that's before police arrived and started clearing them out. the two sides faced off at about 7:30 outside the closed down cathedral hill hotel on van nuys avenue. rain did little to dampen tensions. the protesters marched away but quickly circled around to the back backside of the hotel giving police the slip. amber lee live at the cathedral hill where police have now regrouped and begun clearing people from that vacant eight story building, amber. >> reporter: gasia, we're at the backside of what was once cathedral hill. we want to show you what's going on right now. you can see, police are gathered in front of this building about a half hour ago we saw them into the building.
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that was about 7:30. about 100 people started vandalizing this building. the spray painting and pouring water from a hose, police -- >> reporter: our camera was rolling as protesters filed into the back entrance of the building and spread out to different floors of the hotel. some climbed on to the roof and started throwing objects from the building. from another floor others sprayed water from a fire hose. we also saw protester spray painting the side of the hotel. one protester told us why the group took over the building. >> there are hundreds and hundreds of homeless familys in this city and also thousands of vacant units. there's places where people can be housed. >> do you agree with what's going on in there right now? >> no, not the loud music. i don't mind taking over but no vandalism. >> reporter: this man told us he went inside the building to
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protest but came back outside because he opposing what the occupiers are doing. >> what they're doing up there is like a frat party for college kids. >> reporter: this take over is a culmination of a day long series protest. bystanders expressed frustration saying he's been trying to get to his home. >> reporter: i understand they're angry. but there has to be a better choice. >> reporter: i've been watching this building, i have not seen the majority of those officers come back out yet so presumably they are still inside with the protesters. i also checked in with the police spokesman just a few
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minutes ago, he told me that two officers have been injured. they were injured while trying to stop protesters from entering the cathedral hill hotel. one was struck by a brick, the other by an unknown object. the situation is fluid so that is of course subject to change. that is the latest from here reporting live in san francisco, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. protesters also targeted the van nuys bentley dealership this afternoon. demonstratorred converged on the saks building. they clashed with police and at least 11 people were arrested. in a separate action, some of the protesters chained themselves to the doors of wells fargo headquarters. we're going to stay on top
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of this story throughout the hour. injured rock legend scott olson. we caught up with him during today's march. and we'll be checking back with our crew in san francisco on whether police have finished removing those protesters from the now closed cathedral hill hotel. tonight's protest is actually the second protest today at that vacant hotel. dozens of nurses held signs at the site this morning, protesting a hospital built in that hospital. cpnc plans to downsize st. luke's across town. >> it's an underserved part of town. they are already getting less benefits to begin with. >> reporter: the hospital at cathedral hill is expected to house more than 500 beds. protesters today tell us cpnc plans to cut down the number of beds in st. luke to 80.
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we are on storm watch tonight as a powerful winter storm blows in off the pacific bringing steady rain to the bay area and high know to the sierra. bill martin firing up. but we begin in palo alto with lloyd lacuesta and that long awaited rain. >> reporter: reign has been falling steady in downtown palo alto since 6:00 tonight. no real problems yet but as you can see the water is puddling up in the waters here, still no one we talked to tonight is complaining. >> it's time for the rain, time for the water and we need it. more importantly we need the snow. this is the first really big rainstorm since november. while most of us were enjoying the dry weather we all knew it had to end. >> i'm happy to see it come. you know my lawn needed a lot
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of water. everything needs water. we need snow in the mountain, i'm happy to see it come. maybe i might be able to go skiing next weekend. >> skiing yes, bicycling not so good in the rain. and san francisco is a bicycling friendly city. we found one store that is finally moving it's eco umbrellas. >> what have sales been like this winter? >> of umbrellas not so good. but in the last 24 hours it's been good now that we have some rain palo alto wasn't getting much business. at the restaurant with sidewalk tables but take out orders were up and people were choosing to stay inside. still one restaurant owner says it's all good. >> we need rain because we're already short for this year. and i anticipate that this rain is separatic and will continue until the spring.
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>> well, the forecast says the rain will at least continue through the weekend, drive carefully. lloyd lacuesta. more snow continues in the sierra. >> reporter: we have rain, snow and a lot of wind knocking us around. this is certainly a big storm but it is not bringing snow at this point. just 24 hours ago i was standing in this exact spot in several inches of snow. now like i say it's wind, it's rain and it's cleared all the snow out of here for the moment. but people are still counting on this system to lead to a big weekend on the slopes. the skiing and snow boarding at borreal was supposed to go until 9:00. but a heavy dose of rain instead of snow washed out any hope of hitting the slopes after dark. still a steady line of traffic
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headed up into the sierra on interstate 80 tonight with plenty of optimism. >> we'll be up with the auburn ski club tomorrow up at borreal and probably catch a few turns up at sugar bowl if we get some snow. >> you think we're getting snow up here? >> i'm doing snow dances tonight. >> reporter: six to 8-inches of fresh powder fell, the first significant snowfall since november. >> what do you think about this snow? >> it's awesome. pretty good. it's been a long way. >> reporter: on this chair lift ride, brennan bets told me the long dry spell also got him laid off from a job. >> a lot of ski resorts laid a lot of people off because there's not a lot of business, people don't want to ride manmade snow. >> reporter: places have had to shut down their lifts all together. but if they get their 2 feet of snow, some think they can still salvage the season. >> this is a blessing for us. we're really starting winter in the middle of january.
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back out here live, again we are getting plenty of precipitation. just imagine if this was snow, we would be buried. maybe after midnight after things get cooled down, all of this could become snow. no chain requirements but driving out there is still nasty and caltrans recommends you keep those changes with you for when it does start falling. eric rasmussen, ktvu. it's like somebody is hitting eric with a hose. out there we have reports of very heavy rain. some rainfall rates nearing 2- inches an hour. this area moving in offshore it's going to be moving through pacifica, san francisco, oakland. this is the real deal, it is raining hard. this is the back edge of the front here but we are in it right now.
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the front is just move into the bay area. the winds are kicking up. the rain is coming down to beat the band. there goes the live radar sweep. listen if you're watching any amount of time, watching live storm tracker 2 you know when you see read out by bethel island, it is dumping. it's dumping to the point it might be tough to see as you're driving in the highways out there. you might have to pull over. the rain is going to continue throughout the next few hours. you saw the rain on eric, it is raining up at the summit right now. it's raining in truckee. we're losing a lot of snow because of the rain. things will cool off but the rain is coming down throughout the center part of the state. back here in a bit. we're going to update the forecast and we're going to back at this live radar. passengers flying into san francisco airport are still experiencing delays of up to three hours. some departures are also delayed. travelers we spoke to are taking the hold up in stride. >> just had to call them and
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tell them daddy is going to be late tonight so we won't get to see them. >> we're going to be busy tonight. so we have to wait. we have to get there. >> reporter: ice and snow in chicago and seattle are partly to blame for the problems at sfo. at oakland international, departing flights ran up to an hour late. san jose international saw minor delays. this crash happened on northbound 101 near petaluma and another car rolled over not far from infinon race way. no one was hurt in either crash. stay with ktvu channel 2 news for continuing coverage. we will be checking back with chief meteorologist bill martin as this storm pulling through. why farmers called today's rains a billion storms stool for agriculture. the state's jobless rate dropped to 11 hadn't 4% in --
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11.2% in december. despite the drop only 10,700 new jobs were added statewide last month. here in the bay area, unemployment is lower than the state averaging in all nine counties. once again marin county is the lowest. that's followed by san mateo county and san francisco at 7.6%. so -- solano county had the highest at 10.5%. a kidnapped bay area girl is reunited with her family. the frightening ordeal of being abducted at gunpoint and the deadly force that brought it to an end. 49ers fans subject to tight security. what we've learned about objects that
11:44 pm
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>> a kidnapping suspect is dead tonight and a young child is back home with her mother. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us how this all started in the middle of the night and how it ended in a shoot out with police. >> reporter: police surrounded this home after they received a frantic call that a man had broken in. >> i saw a man holding a gun to my dad's head. and he was making his way upstairs. he was asking for where me sister was. basically when he couldn't find what he was looking for he got
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my niece and abducted her. >> reporter: 42-year-old le is the man who entered the home, fired a handgun several times and kidnapped the 11-year-old girl who lives there. les is the ex-boyfriend of the girl's mother. a statewide amber alert was issued. detectives worked throughout the day tracking down le. they were concerned because le has a criminal record. they found him at around noon at an apartment at pistachio lane. >> the suspect appeared at the window with the victim. the victim was being held as a hostage. the suspect opened fire at the officers inside of the apartment. one of our officers which is our s.w.a.t. team took a shot at the suspect and actually hit him and the suspect has been pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: authoritys are not saying why le went to the pistachio apartment but records show he lives there.
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the apartment was roped off while investigators look for evidence. >> that little girl has been through a lot. i can't imagine her going through what she went through. two san jose brothers received prison sentences today for attacking a convicted child molester. a judge today sentenced miguel cerda and erik cerda. esteban pled not guilty to killing michelle le. le disappeared from the medical center. her body was found in a row mote area september 17th.
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esteban returned to court february 17th when a trial date is supposed to be set. controversy was sparked over a doll that was hanging by a noose at the old wagon saloon. the bar owner said it was a decoration and only meant as a joke. today the naacp said police talked to the bar's owner and the doll came down this morning. san francisco police say they are beefing up security for this week's game. >> reporter: new york giants fans are starting to trickle into san francisco. >> the boos are in town baby. and we're here to hopefully beat these san francisco people out here. >> reporter: fans say despite intense competition on the field they're not expecting any violence in the stands. >> honestly i don't see any hostility. i think the fans are going to be good hear and the giant fans that are here.
11:49 pm
we'll have a good time. it'll be a fun game. martinez is a lifelong 49er fans. as for this week -- >> this game is going to be tough. it's going to be a lot of smack talking but, at the end of day it's going to be respectful. >> reporter: to make sure it stays respectful, san francisco police chief has announced officers are going to go undercover looking for people harassing fans. >> let someone be abnoxious against a plained clothe officer for immediate removal. treat everyone as if you would be talking to a cop when you're there. >> reporter: authorities ejected 54 fans and this weekend even more officers will be patrolling the stadium. we get there's a certain amount
11:50 pm
of teasing and banter that's going to be going on but we want to respect people. >> reporter: christien kafton, ktvu news. on sunday here's our programming line up. cover rang starts at 2:00 p.m. kick off is 3:30 following if game. the point after with mark ibanez and joe fonzi. on ktvu's facebook page we asked what the 49ers have to do to win on sunday? ramos says, minimize if not eliminate all turnovers and protect alex. and jim kept it simple, he says they need to play the game the way they did against the saints and the first beating they gave the giants in december. doctors medical center in san pablo is getting financial
11:51 pm
help. the hospital is getting an $8 million loan from gemino health care finance. the company's ceo says the service will help provide service to the contra costa center. on wall street it was the third straight winning week for stocks as they approached a six week high gaining 96 points. the nasdaq was flat dipping one point. and life storm tracker 2. pretty active right now. the heaviest rain getting ready to move on shore right now. we're getting reports throughout the bay area of rainfall accumulations up to two to 3-inches. wind gusts to 45 and the peninsula has had wind gusts to 48 miles per hour. i have reports of accidents in the bridges. i have reports of power outages in the marin areas. not major but flickering lights
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off. the storm is upon us right now. as this storm moves through. this backside things will start to mellow out. that's not going to happen until this area moves through which is all going to happen in the next 45 minutes or so. well in the next hour and a half as it slides through the south bay. but it's just now moving through the bay area now. there's more behind this as you know. but we are in the heart of it right now. real heavy storm. the storm is passing through, big problems on some of the roadways. we'll see you back here in a little bit. reno's fire chief says an elderly man has come forward to say that he accidentally started yesterday's massive wildfire. it burned about six square miles in south reno and also took the life of a 93-year-old woman. tonight some 2,000 people are still out of their homes. the fire chief says the elderly man improperly threw out ashes
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is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. in less than six hours the polls open in south carolina for the next leg of the race for the republican nomination. the field is now just down to four. according to some the campaign is turning nasty. reporter craig broswell live with the latest barb between the last two contenders. >> reporter: the gop candidates are going on the attack. newt gingrich is surging in south carolina. the day after turning allegations turning his personal life into a winning
11:56 pm
line of attack against the media. some polls show their former house speaker now leading in the palmetto state. mitt romney wants to clear the front runner is pressing for alleged ethical problems gingrich faced as the house speaker. >> i think more than 90% of the congress voted to reprimand the house speaker for the first time. i think nancy pelosi has the full records. >> he doesn't release anything, he doesn't answer anything. and he's even confused on whether or not he will ever release anything. and then he decide to pick a fight over releasing stuff. >> reporter: the primary will be a two man race, rick santorum says he's still pretty much a contender. >> i know newt loves and the
11:57 pm
intellectual love as a professor. but you're not a professor when you're the commander in chief. >> reporter: ron paul is making his last ditch appeal. >> i know there's a lot of momentum building. >> reporter: 20% identify themselves as undecided. voting begins here in south carolina at 7:00 in the morning. live in charleston, craig boswell. more details on that palmetto poll. it shows newt gingrich in front with 32%. mitt romney is six percentage points behind him. ron paul comes in with 11%. 20% say they are undecided. we'll have the primary results tomorrow night on the 10:00 news. now to marin county where
11:58 pm
prosecutors finished presenting evidence. prosecutors ended up calling 28 witnesses during the eight day probable cause hearing. the 78-year-old is accused of killing four women in southern california. the prosecutions evidence involves dna from naso's ex- wife found on pantyhose used to kill a woman. you've undoubtedly seen this video of this incident. it sparked outrage among many. now the district attorney has decided not to bring charges against the student sprayed during last november's occupy protest. the d.a. said there's insufficient information in the police reports to file criminal charges. bill martin is tracking very heavy rain right now. when we come back which parts of the bay area are getting hit the hardest, plus. the rain comes just in time for north bay agriculture. dairy cows need grass to eat and water to drink.
11:59 pm
there was a funny noise,
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with less than 48 hours before game time and tonight a large red and white tarp is covering the field at candle stick park. this is what the stadium looked like this morning from news chopper 2 before all of the heavy rain began. and we've been tracking the nfc championship day weather. as many people have throughout the country. a big game on sunday, there's going to be a wet field you know that. showers are going to be going on before the game, during the game and even at the end of the
12:02 am
game. right now the last part of the game looks like will have the most shower activity. the wind will be up as well. wind gusts could go up to 30 miles per hour. it's not a huge storm but it's a big game and it's not going to take much to cause some issues. the reports i'm getting from all the folks on my facebook page, very heavy rain. traffic issues on a couple of the issues. if you're driving on the golden gate bridge you are not able to see the rain. the rain is coming down that hard. the front is sliding through right now. it will continue to slide through and we will stay on. it's going to be out of here by the time the 10:00 news is over. we will pinpoint more rain. ktvu's debra villalon where
12:03 am
ranchers have been sweating the dry weather. >> reporter: at the ranches west of town nothing but delight over this weather. berries are a 24 hour business and water essential. we all need water and i know there's even a few dairies that have been hauling water because they were already out. this ranch has 900 cows. most of them under cover and dry today. and their grass, grazed to stubs got some moisture. usually they rotate pastures. >> the groves go in, they eat it off in one day that way they're always eating the grass at the optimal height. >> reporter: but grass won't rebound without rain. and farms were forced to start buying extra feed hugely expensive. farm bureau president calls the rain a game changer for those
12:04 am
like himself raising life stock. these lams will be 125-pound by june, headed for local markets but they will only thrive if grasslands do too. >> which is so important for the economy out in this region. it's real critical. so, we're all happy. even though it's raining and we're out standing in it. we're all glad he's here. >> ranchers throughout the north bay are eager to see the return of lush, green grass. better fed cows they say make better tasting products. >> reporter: cows when they're eating the natural grass it has a better flavor to it. it makes the butter taste better. it makes the butter creamier and naturally more yellow. >> reporter: we noticed all the run off is captured and stored. no rain to waste. especially after waiting this long. we're live in petaluma, debra villalon, ktvu news. more details now in the east bay, at about 2:30, the storm brought down a very large
12:05 am
tree limb in oakland near adams street. it landed in between two buildings and on some power lines but somehow it didn't knock out electricity to the neighborhood and no one was hurt. the owner of the costa concordia said the captain reported he had problems but never mentioned the ship hit the rock. the captain didn't tell the crew how serious the situation was. that's exactly what happened to her and her friends on their nightmare vacation on the contra concordia. he said the crew told passengers nothing was wrong. >> there was chaos. and there was no one directing anyone. there were people without life jackets, the lights had dimmed. there was panic, there was crying. miller said crew members
12:06 am
blocked out state rooms so she couldn't get her life jacket or identification. she didn't think she would make it, well she did but just with the clothes on her back. it appears congress is backing down on sopa and pipa. today both the house and senate said they are delaying action. if that means wednesday's online protest was a success. >> reporter: pipa is dead, not pipa the royal maid of honor who turned heads. the pipa known as the property act that turned millions of americans into online activists. >> to us it looks like the internet has spoken and congress has listened. >> the internet spoke with a collective scream in the dark. on wednesday wikipedia went dark. other websites blocked logos all in protest of a proposed internet anti piracy legislation meant to protect
12:07 am
the movie industry from being ripped off online. >> i think seeing that made them realize that politically pushing for a censorship bill in order to protect corporate profits for one industry isn't something that's going to work. >> reporter: the electronics frontier foundation was part of a consortium to call you. >> we need to get the issue that needs answers. >> reporter: efforts to prevent internet piracy were encroaching on internet privacy. in the end, lofgrin says democracy one. >> each one of the job februarys is going for a job interview in november. we need to listen to the people
12:08 am
who are going to that voting booth. legendary singer etta james tide today at the age of 73 in river side. out of all of her songs one defined her, "at last." >> ♪ etta james had been suffering from leukemia. she sang r & b, pop, jazz and was a member of the rock & roll hall of fame. she was just 9-ounces when she was born. the big day for a southern california baby who beat the odds and her progress in just a few months. storm tracker 2 continuing to track heavy rain. plus a live update from the occupy protest in san francisco, what she ju i want a baby.
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a baby?
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happening now a live picture from san francisco whereabout 100 protesters took over the vacant cathedral hill hotel on van nuys avenue tonight. police moved in an hour and say they have control of the building and have suspended their search. police say they decided to move in an 9:30 when protesters threw furniture off the rooftops. five or six people have been arrested. they said four officers were injured by objects thrown at them. he suffered a skull fracture last october when
12:12 am
struck by a projectile during an occupy protest in oakland. as for the identified officer who fired the projectile, olsen has one wish. >> i would like to see justice for them. that's what i would like to see. >> reporter: olsen says he may file a lawsuit against police and oakland officials. he told us he hopes to go back to work part time in computers in the next few weeks. oakland major jean quan found she could not avoid protesters even when in washington, d.c. mayor quan was spotted, they began yelling shame, shame, shame at her. quan is attending a conference of mayors and the protesters have been outside her hotel room for days. the mayor says she thinks the cab driver got a little freaked
12:13 am
out. the obama administration is considering closing the u.s. embassy in demascus. all american workers would be removed. since the uprising against syrian president bashar al- assad began, 250 people have been killed. the ship's captain said an attempt to anchor last night failed but it's not clear why. that happened during a storm. the philippine registered ship is not carrying any cargo and so far there are no signs that it is leaking oil. in berlin, 20 of air buses a280 jumbo jets. air safety officials said the condition could potentially affect the plane's structural integrity. and it gave airlines any where from four days to six weeks to conduct inspections depending on how many take offs and landings the jets have made. she is the smallest baby
12:14 am
ever born in california and she finally headed home from the hospital today. melinda guido was born four months premature on august 20th and weighed just 9-ounces. this made her the second smallest surviving baby in u.s. history. melinda was so tiny she was the size of a soda can at birth. but doctors now say she waáeugs 4-1/2 pound. still ahead, president obama shows off a hidden talent. plus -- >> we're back here in just a ku -l of minutes, right
12:15 am
12:16 am
check this out, president obama displayed a talent that very few people even knew he had. it happened at the apollo theater in new york city. the president was thanking al green for warming up the crowd. >> to know that, reverend al
12:17 am
green was here. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> ♪ >> that was al green's song "let's start together" the president jokes the staff didn't believe he would really do that. this caps quite a turn around for the detroit company which lost the top spot the in 2008 and then entered bankruptcy the next year. gm told about 9 million vehicles worldwide and increase of 7.6%. volkswagen placed second. toyota dropped to third. federal investigators finished their investigation into the volt. it determined there is no increased risk for a fire and there is no defect in the volt.
12:18 am
general motors also made changes to the volt to protect the batteries. die-hard 49er fans listen up. up for sale is a one of a kind joe montana item. the hall of famer is selling his estate in calastoga. the asking price boy it's a lot. the property is going for $36 million although the initial asking price two months ago was 49 million. the 500-acre estate includes a 8,700 square foot home and an equestrian table. we've been tracking the storm throughout the entire forecast. right now i have heavy rain showing up in san francisco. it's coming a little closer, san francisco and out toward daily city. you have some urban and small -- mostly urban flooding. where you have a lot of showers coming down. we're seeing pooling in many of these areas we're seeing pooling of water up by the buckeye restaurant there in the north bay.
12:19 am
we're seeing a lot of water on the roadways as this very powerful storm moves through. we have big wind with it as well. traffic along here it's not busy this time of night but the driving the treacherous. people who are under these cells it is coming down to beat the band. when i talk to an inch an hour, that is torrential. not an issue out toward the bay but when you get out to these yellows in fremont. check out pittsburg, concord. i do have a report of potential lightning in the santa cruz mountains areas. i will see if that verifies. that is the story from this latest system. i've had wind gust reports of up to 50 miles per hour. it's raining at the past level right now. it is pouring rain as we showed
12:20 am
you with eric rasmussen there. here's the next system on sunday. it's not as powerful. this one that went through, it's the main event. this deal on sunday it's going to rain and it's going to hit right on the championship game. looks like the field will be wet. not a highly torrential thing but scattered showers. here's your tomorrow right here. this thing is through here in the next hour. lit ray hello it's been with us through the broadcast -- literally it's been with us throughout the broadcast. there'll be clouds and sprinkles. this deal shows up as we get to sunday, mid-morning and the afternoon. friday 10:00, midnight that was tonight. that's right now, the forecast for about an hour from now heading south. it moves out. there's your saturday. here comes your sunday, saturday still looks good. then sunday, with that 6:00 a.m. sunday. i'm not up yet but it's slightly sprinkles. clouds move in and then 3:00
12:21 am
widely scattered showers. that's game time. will there be light showers? you bet. a little bit of wind too. really an interesting system moving through the bay area right now. i'm getting lots of reports throughout the area. and everybody is getting hit pretty hard. not just the north bay but
12:22 am
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okay, people, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. former kidnap victim elizabeth smart is getting married. the 24-year-old recently got engaged. smart was kidnapped at 14 years old and was held by her captors
12:25 am
in nine months. smart likes to keep her private life away from the public but is very open about her advocacy work. >> i think if you listen very carefully you can still hear them coming outs of the oracle saying, we were lost. they opened the game of the season and got the last second favorable card by the referee. spethan ankle held up but it shows some early rust. this is early three of the 12. and the game was tied. here's the warriors play of the game. nate robinson will drive and this just deflected by dante jones. and you got to like that. but it's tight now, 91-91 under 9 second to go. george hill forces the 18th turn over of the game.
12:26 am
curry fouls, george hill turns it into a three point play. but it's called an unintentional kick so the play stands. warriors lose. they are 5-10 in just 3-6 at home. >> the new york giants aren't due to arrive in san francisco until tomorrow. weather permitting. but the team that shows up will be a healthy version and the one that lost to the 49ers in november. the 49ers may get their mr. versatile back as well. delaney walker is questionable today. delaney broke his jaw during this collision in seattle. he lost last week's game as well. molina could be a valuable blocker and receiver. jim harbaugh told his players to stop tweeting and stay off facebook. just to stay focused because there's still work to be done. >> it's really never done. you know i think that the hay
12:27 am
is in the barn philosophy is not one that we subscribe to. you are dam sure got to be confidence. and all these guys are. and if you're nothing, you know both teams expect you know coming to this game with a great deal of confidence. and we have championship coverage sunday on ktvu channel 2. the pregame return to glory at 2:00 to 3:00. the game at 3:00. and regis is considered to be a great game planner but it's been -- >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time
12:28 am
news breaks. >> we will have continuing coverage of the snow pounding the area. citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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